Nylon Flocked swab kit


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We’re now supplying COVID-19 Sample Collection Kit  in stocks, and can ship your orders out at once.

Nylon Flocked Swab + 10 ml Tube + 3 ml Media

Samples are free now !  For MSDS, CoA, and more details, please contact me at [email protected],  Thank you!

Flocked Swabs Proven Superior in Sample Collection and Release

  • Utilizes exclusive spray-on nylon flocked fiber technology optimized to collect maximum target analyte. 
  • Increases sensitivity with higher sample absorption and release than regular fiber swabs.
  • No sample entrapment means minimum hands-on specimen processing time.
  • once in contact with preservation media, culture plate, microscope slide or assay cartridge, almost all of the collected sample rapidly and spontaneously drains or rinses from the Flocked Swab


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